Onboarding Software Designed to
Enthuse Employees from the Get-Go

Our onboarding process software helps United States businesses save millions of dollars, by increasing employee retention and improving new company introductions.

Our onboarding process software helps United States businesses save millions of dollars, by increasing employee retention and improving new company introductions.

Engage New Starters More Effectively with Onboarding Process Software Designed for the Needs of Your United States Business

Onboarding Process Software for New Employee Introductions

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Hiring new employees isn’t just about filing paperwork and giving employees a brief physical workplace orientation. During the onboarding process, new starts need to be positively enthused about company policies and key operational processes. If this doesn’t happen, new team members can quickly become professionally disorientated and have introduction experiences dulled.

Because new company introductions are so vital for employee performance,  Solutions Technology & Software, Inc. provides businesses with streamlined onboarding solutions. We strive to reduce new employee confusion, while simultaneously enhancing physical workplace introductions. As a result, we help team leaders build employee enthusiasm, impart awareness of company hierarchical structures, and spend more time familiarizing employees with key company operational processes.

Onboarding Process Software for Streamlined HR Administration

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Onboarding new employees requires the correct processing of several different company policy documents and employee details. When critical new entry forms are lost or completed incorrectly, onboarding can subsequently drag on for days & in some cases even weeks after an official employee start date.

Thankfully, Solutions Technology & Software, Inc. onboarding software, guarantees that administrative paperwork is completed and submitted one time only.

Using our onboarding system, new start signatures and personal details are captured accurately first time every time. Completed onboarding documents and personal data is then tracked and processed as expeditiously as possible via HR. This leaves no room for error or any need to resubmit employee details at a later date. Instead, new employees and team leaders can focus on more valuable personal orientation and new entry discussions.

Fully Scalable Onboarding Process Software

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Every business is different. As a result, Solutions Technology & Software, Inc. onboarding software is designed to be as flexible and as customizable as possible. Whether you process ten new entry documents per employee or more than forty, our system can be customized accordingly. Much more importantly, signed documents tracked by our system can include the likes of company-specific Non-Disclosure Agreements, risk assessments, and employee waivers and release forms.

Thanks to the enterprise-ready scalability of the Solutions Technology & Software, Inc. onboarding system, new employees can focus more on formal discussion regarding what processes they will be required to follow when completing real workplace tasks. As a result, we help deliver engaging onboarding experiences which help new employees more legitimately connect with workplaces and company values.

Onboarding Process Software for Reduced Liability Exposure

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Successful company onboarding isn’t just about processing Payroll department paperwork, new entry details, and/or readying new employees for their new role. During the onboarding process, all employees also need to be made aware of their legal responsibilities in terms HR policy compliance and how they interact with different company systems.

Since 2007, United States employers have been forced to pay out almost $4 billion settling labor, workplace, and employee specific legal disputes. Because of this, onboarding needs to clarify employee entitlements, responsibilities, and waivers of certain rights, prior to the commencement of employment. Solutions Technology & Software, Inc, therefore, allows employers to do just this as unambiguously as possible. Modern businesses subsequently benefit from reduced vulnerability to legal challenges which might arise at some point in the future.

Onboarding Process Software Which Increases Employee Productivity

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New employees always feel nervous when stepping into a new working environment. To make matters worse, traditional paper based onboarding often feels chaotic and overwhelming for new starts. After signing off on key policy documents, employees, therefore, feel reluctant to ask for clarification regarding key processes and procedures. This results in poor performance and occasionally even disharmony in wider team dynamics.

Thankfully, at Solutions Technology & Software, Inc, our onboarding software increases new start performance by reducing confusion and better preparing new employees for entry into the workplace. Our streamlined onboarding system is specifically designed not to overwhelm HR personnel or new employees. Much more importantly, this allows team leaders and supervisors to effectively track new start performance and intervene directly prior to escalation of problems which might impact overall business performance.

For over 20-years, Solutions Technology & Software, Inc. have specialized in the creation of innovative HR Onboarding process software & Payroll systems, designed to streamline key HR operational processes.

Trusted by several United States employers, our software solutions increase HR efficiency and employee retention, while lowering overall recruitment costs.

“Great customer service, Rob and his team are fully knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. They have the friendly, honest and open lines of communication needed for this complex part of a business.”

Onboarding in any business context in the United States should always strive to make new employees familiar with their true performance expectations. Our onboarding process software is, therefore, designed to foster better employee adoption of company values, whilst reducing HR costs and improving ROI. Find out more by calling Solutions Technology & Software, Inc. now and speaking to one of our sales team.

Our onboarding process software allows United States businesses to recruit & cultivate the right talent first time every time.

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